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    Gatemasters an Accurate, Robust and Flexible Visitor management system.
    Pass issue, Mobile scanning and tracking from one access control system.

  • License Plate Recognition, on Exit and Entry ,with Alerts!
  • Interactive website and app with different security levels
    for each indiviual .
  • Gatemaster Kiosk-Virtual Guard
    to manage your community's visitors/residents.

GateMasters is the most accurate, robust, and intelligent security solution for visitor management for your community.

  • The software would be leased by the client and used by the gate attendants at your community.
  • GateMasters state of the art "Standalone Kiosk" can be used as a virtual guard for an unattended gate.

  • Here are a few of the features it holds and is totally customizable. With our interactive, up to date, website, we have customized logins with different security levels for each individual.

    Management Module

    Each manager has enough to worry about and we understand that making a system easy to use, for all, was going to be difficult, NOT IMPOSSIBLE! We have designed the program to be easier than sending an email. One click, a couple information fields entered, and access has now been granted or restricted for that vehicle, address, or resident! As a property manager you can :

    • View all residents in the community and manage guests and has right to edit guest record
    • View /Edit list of residents
    • View and record gate strikes with an option to upload pictures of the strike.
    • View guest's activity report
    • View, create, delete and manage community content documents
    • View new pass type for community ,change password
    • View list of guard log In/ out to command center report

    Resident Module

    Here is the list of task Resident can perform.

    • Residents can go online, or download the App, to register their guest in seconds!
    • An option to select the arrival date, length of stay, and even email the pass to their guest.
    • Email/Text alert upon arrival of their guests
    • There are even Parental Controls built into the system, which can be used for restricting certain guests to a time frame, or restricting them access if they shouldn't be visiting!

    Guard /Command center

    A single point powerful control system to manage multiple communities. Reliable Access control system.This module is used by Guard and Admin.

    GUARD MODULE: Some of the main features of this module used by Guard are:
    • Edit resident record
    • Edit/Assign Call In Pin
    • Reset resident password
    • Create resident notes visible to other guards
    • Delete other resident records
    • Create new Vehicles
    • Edit/Delete Guest
    • View last day visitor activity
    ADMIN MODULE: This module is used by Admin and has all the features available for Guard and in addition to that it includes following:
    • View or create new Pass type for community
    • Change password
    • Mass emailer option available right from GateMasters' site.
    • Switch Accounts. Only available when Guard is assigned to more than one community.
    • Create new Command Center Users and assign Guard, Admin or Manager Role
    • Assign Community to Guard and Managers reset the password for other Command Center users
    • Secure and precise reporting generated based on the search by license plate number, last name, first name etc.


    Customized mobile app for guards, residents, board members, and property managers.
    Some of the features of Mobile GateMasters are:
  • Scanning, LPR Pass Printing
  • Guard Tour with Integrated Violation & Citation Management
  • Incident Reports
  • Community Manager App for Smart Reporting
  • Digital / Soft Guest Pass Issuance
  • LPR-ON EXIT AND ENTRY with Alerts

    License Plate Recognition LPR:
    The software will recognize returning / frequent guests by reading their license plate, print pass and automate their entry,
    An alert will be sent to inform if a vehicle has overstayed .


      Instead of having guards at the gate, we are launching our virtual gate attendant system, which will allow guest to communicate with our command center LIVE as if there was a guard at the gate. If the visitor meets the issuance criteria, a pass will be issued and the guest will gain entry.

      To read more click here IntelliGuard-GateMasters's Kiosk

      Some of the features of GateMaster Kiosk:
    • Resident/Guest management
    • Hybrid state of the art software, NO internet required
    • Scans Mobile Phone ePasses or Paper Passes
    • Automatically Opens Gate for Valid Passes
    • Print pass
    • License Plate Recognition at exit or entrance, to avoid long lines at the gate


    • Track user activity, Pass activity and statistics, property information, resident information, visitor information, transponder information, transponder activity,and much more
    • Powerful reporting system allows filtering for focused reports
    • Schedule reports to print or email automatically (Export reports to PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, TXT and many other popular formats)
    • Citations and Violation system providing accurate vehicle history at a glance
    • Create and track incident reports


    • All information is stored in the clouds, data is always available and backed up
    • Quick, dynamic synchronization of data between all stations
    • Stations can run independently in the event of a connection failure


    • 24/7 tech support
    • Dynamic free automatic updates
    • Included Dell computer system with 4-hours on-site hardware support
    • Both initial and ongoing on site guard training sessions