Why choose Gatemasters?

✔100% money back guarantee.

✔License Plates Recognition is FREE in our standard option, which will expedite traffic at the gate and reduce wait time at gate.

✔Resident/Guest management standalone kiosk-run independent of the internet, perfect for an unmanned gate.

✔Customizable Database & software.

✔Website design

✔Free APP for residents & property managers

✔Secure Content management module to store crucial database for the community, such as board meeting minutes, agendas, financial reports etc.

✔Mobile app for guards to scan passes and license plate

✔Online access to our clients

✔24/7 customer's support

✔User-friendly interface for residents, property managers and guards.

✔FREE delivery of passes to the client's location within 24 hours of the order.

✔Passes with QR codes to expedite the re-entry process.