• No Guard! No Problem!
    Introducing Our latest innovation
    Smart Touchscreen Kiosk


  • Built-In LPR
    The InteliGuard AI has LPR
    (License Plate Recognition )
    sensor to verify the users

GateMasters IntelliGuard

GateMasters is proud to announce our latest innovation, the GateMasters Interactive Smart Touchscreen Kiosk with InteliGuard, our automated smart AI guard system.
This allows users to communicate with the InteliGuard AI and live operators at our command center when they arrive at your gate and request entry. If the user meets the issuance criteria, a pass will be issued or electronically generated and the user will gain entry.

The InteliGuard AI uses a number of sensors including built-in License Plate Recognition (LPR) software to verify the users information within the Gate Masters Smart Database and make entry decisions based on parameters set forth for your specific community, this process dramatically reduces wait time and traffic jams at the gate because the system can make split-second decisions in real time.

If the InteliGuard AI encounters a situation that requires human interaction, the system will initiate a two-way video call to our command center where our Virtual Guards will take full control of your gate as if they were onsite and grant or deny access base on the information that is presented by the user.

GateMasters Smart Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk's Features:

  • Resident/Guest management kiosk
  • Hybrid state of the art software, NO internet required.
  • Scans Mobile Phone ePasses or Paper Passes
  • Automatically Opens Gate for Valid Passes
  • Prints passes
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)