Customer care is our top most priority at Gatemasters, and we value your opinion and suggestions. Below are some testimonials which were emailed to us from happy clients and satisfied residents.

Thank you so very much Meena for your call and "getting to the bottom" of this.
Meena, you were extremely helpful; so polite and friendly. Thank you again!

Julie Donahue
Thunderbird Terrace
Feb 25th ,2022

GateMasters & CCTV Security systems were installed at Thunderbird Cove Homeowners Association in early 2020. The process from start to now has been by far the best security system integration in all of my 8 years in the industry. They worked directly with the Board and Management to customize the Gate Master portal specific to the associations needs. Transitioning and acclimating owners to this system was as smooth process.

The experience was so amazing that I am proud to say Victoria Falls Homeowners Association has approved a full security system take-over.
Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!

Michelle Lopaz
Thunderbird Cove Homeowners Association
Sep 8th ,2020

Hi Sammy, Adam and Mark,

I just wanted to say that the transition is above and beyond my expectations. Everything you and Adam have said has exceeded our expectations. Mark you have been amazing. You have been instrumental in making sure the guards have everything they need and things continue to go smoothly. Above and beyond our expectations. I am so excited for the community to see and receive the amazing service from the security team they deserve. Thank you beyond words!!

Judy VanSchoiack
Mountain View Country Club
Dec 03, 2018

Hi Meena

Once again, Thank you for making this transition so easy! Xox Jamie

Huntington Landmark
Apr 25, 2018

Hi Meena

Thank you so much for your help with this! You are an angel - so pleasant to speak with.

Thanks again for your great service!

Huntington Landmark
Apr 24, 2018

Dear Meena,

It is beyond words to express my profound gratefulness and appreciation, for your patience and conscious efforts, walking me through the GateMasters Residential Portal, and for teaching me how to manage my “Guests List”. Your pleasing manners in combination with your supportive and understanding attitudes have helped put me at ease. And step by step, with you at the other end of the phone, giving instructions, I have accomplished the most important project in my life at this time, which is to have the ability to monitor who comes through the gate and into my unit. Thanked to you, Meena, I am feeling much safer and better now. Thank You, Meena!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you Diane for referring Meena, who has been a wonderful teacher to me! Thank you, Diane!

Brigitte Dang
Huntington Landmark
Feb 15, 2018

Subject: Gatemasters, Inc-Customer Support


Gatemasters , have done excellent job in making guest and resident management software . Their customer service is 10 on 10. I had a problem login and I was contacted via email and phone to take care of the issue.


Subject: Gatemasters, Inc-Customer Support

"Hi, Meena -

Thanks for your attention to my password! I was feeling very grumpy, but you've cheered me up!"

Huntington Landmark

Subject: Gatemasters, Inc-Customer Support

Hi Meena - I've been happy with your services, especially helping me with password recovery and adding/changing guests. Thanks!

-Kyle Richards-
McArthur Village

Subject: Gatemasters, Inc-Customer Support

Meena, Thanks to you I can now get on the Gatemasters web site and control who can go thru the gate on Atlanta to my condo unit. Thanks again for giving me a new password.